Oslo Student Sports Club (OSI) is one of Norways largest sports organizations offering a wide selection of sports and outdoor activities. 32 different sub-groups independently organize activities ranging even more different sports. Our purpose is to offer something for everyone – regardless of physical condition, skills or ambitions. The Club is run by and for students, and can offer activities in a dynamic student environment, where social interaction is a vital addition to just playing sports.

OSI was founded in 1882 under the name Norske Studenters Gymnastikk- og Fægteforening (Gymnastics and fencing Club for Norwegian Students). Since then a number of mergers and changes have occured. In 1988 the Club got its current structure, and the formal name change to OSI came in 2005.

OSIs main Board is comprised of 11 representatives, working on a voluenteer basis. The main Board is elected for 1 year. In addition to this, the Club employs a General Manager (fulltime) and an accountant (part-time) who report to the main Board.

OSI is a member of the Norwegian University Sports Federation (Norges Studentidrettsforbund), the umbrella organization for all student sports Associations.

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