Contact Information


For general inquiries, contact our Manager.
If you have specific questions regarding finances these may also be directed to the manager who will then  redistribute them to either the main board or our accountant.
If needed, it is also possible to contact the individual board members.

General Manager:

Marlene Persson
Tel. 93 25 44 54, only during office hours
Office hours: Mon-Fri: kl 10-15
Drop by the office for a chat, but please set up a meeting time beforehand.


In 2015, OSI went from having an employed accountant to using an external accounting firm. Due to this, please contact our manager if you have questions.


OSI is lead by the main board which is in charge of the club between the general assemblies of the club members. The board usually meets once a month to decide on cases which are not part of the daily responsibilities of the manager. The board is responsible for the clubs actions and duties as a independent legal entity. Bellow you will find a map of the current members of the OSI board. The members of the board are elected by the general assembly and originate in the many different OSI sport-groups.

Vilde Matilde Skram
styreleder at
Tlf: 93 81 78 98
OSI Swimming
Vice- Chairman:
Martin Sikkeland
martisikk at
Tlf: 92 85 30 37
OSI Handball
Anette Volla Nilsen
anette.v.nilsen at
Tlf: 99 46 95 88
OSI Cycling
Kenneth Madsen
kennethmad at
Tlf: 93 63 34 44
OSI Climbing
Hien-Minh Van Tran
hienminhvt at
Tlf: 99 16 28 94
OSI Squash
Odd-Tørres Lunde
oddtlunde at
Tlf: 98 28 68 58
OSI Volleyball
Mikkel Stokke
mikkelstokke at
Tlf: 99 78 86 13
OSI Scuba Diving
Duy Nguyen
duy.nguyen at
Tlf: 46 69 54 19
OSI Tennis
Jeanett Gislefoss
jgislefoss at
Tlf: 99 55 80 76
OSI Swimming

1. Deputy Member:

Maren Larsen Borgan
marenlarsenborgan at
Tlf: 41 44 48 58
OSI Håndball


Deputy Member/Cabin:

Lars Sætren
lsatren at
Tlf: 90 78 22 69
OSI Boxing

Eric Wang Wikstrøm at
Tlf: 41 28 11 75
OSI Floorball

Contacting the groups

It is also possible to contact the groups directly. click here to find an overview over contacts for the different groups.

The contact page was last changed in 2013, so it might not be up to date.